Monday, August 1, 2011

Iced Rose and Mint Green Tea


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Well, we are just about halfway through summer now and it is hotter than ever. Nothing cools you down better on these days than a big glass of something icy cold to drink. I am such a big iced tea drinker so this one was a no brainer for me. I wanted to add a little something whimsical and fun to my iced tea this time. I love mint in my tea and I have it growing fresh in the garden so that was first on my list. Remember that rose petal sugar I used for the rose and pistachio macarons? I used the last bit of it up in this refreshing iced tea!

Iced Rose and Mint Green Tea
Makes about 7 cups of tea

5 green tea bags
4 cups water
3 cups ice
1/2 cup rose petal sugar
1/4 cup fresh mint leaves

Bring 4 cups of water to a boil. Pour over tea bags and steep for 3 minutes. Remove tea bags and add ice.

For the simple syrup:
Combine rose sugar and mint leaves with 1/2 cup water and bring to a boil. Cook until sugar is dissolved. Add to iced tea to taste.


  1. How do you know how to take such amazing photos. You really have a gift!!!

  2. Your pictures are so pretty and charming!! I love the way you use vintage items to present your creations! Makes me want to make your tea and then go out on the porch and sip it while I read a book sitting in my old wicker chair!