Wednesday, January 12, 2011



Well this was my first venture into the world of croissant making. What an adventure it was! Okay okay it wasn't that bad, but there really are a lot of steps. And there is a lot of waiting. It takes 2 days worth of preparation and planning to make these, but they are so delicious! I made regular as well as chocolate croissants...or pain au chocolate. Just sounds better doesn't it! This recipe I found worked really well. You pretty much make a basic yeast dough, and roll about 3 sticks of butter into the dough, folding and rolling, folding and rolling, so you create many layers of dough and butter. Then it rests overnight. When you bake it, the butter in the dough steams, creating those wonderful flaky layers that make a croissant so amazing. This is essentially puff pastry dough and can be used for many different things.

I rolled the dough into a 10x38 inch rectangle and cut half into triangles and half into small rectangles.

011 (2)

I rolled up the triangles into the classic croissant shape...

014 (2)

...and I filled the rectangles with chocolate.


My favorite was definitely the chocolate!


I still have some dough left over. I might make some more croissants or use it for something else equally as delicious. I would say these were definitely worth the extra time and work!

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